Meet King Max, friend of the SOWC

Tonight I’m not interviewing a Snack of the Week. Instead, I’m interviewing the friend of a member of the SOWC. Susan Hanniford Crowley, aka Lily A. Snow, has introduced me to her associate Vampire King Maximillion Vander Meer of New York.

This is a much more formal interview than I’m used to doing. The King is wearing Armani. I’m stuck in one of those damn formal gowns from, like the 18th century, but whatever. Really, if I had one more layer of underwear on I’d be walking bowlegged. I can’t even cross my legs. And I look like a giant ball of fabric. Honestly! This is the last time I let one of my demons suggest an outfit. Unbelievable.

I am sitting with a King so I will try to contain my irritation. But when this interview is over I may kill a demon.

King Max, let’s get started. What’s your favorite blood type?

Every blood type is equally delicious.

Hmm. Okay. Well, I’m a bit more discriminating, though I’ll admit when I can’t find what I like, I’ll go with what’s available.

Where in New York do you live and did you grow up there?

I live in Manhattan and Iceland. I grew up in a little village in Norway.image

Norway. Are you a Viking?

I am or I should say I was. I was the captain of a longboat. In the end, that’s what changed my destiny. I had a beautiful wife and a son, and even though my wife had an evil dream, I left on a raid anyway. I became undead when I pillaged the wrong village. In my heart, I am still a Viking.

I’m sorry to hear it, though I have to say, this is why we should not pillage. Just saying. I became vampire on my honeymoon and willingly, I have to admit.

So, Lily mentioned you had another job aside from the whole king-thing? What do you do for work? Do you like it?

Being the CEO of an international corporation suits me well. I make all the decisions for V Meer Industries or leave it to my staff. They were handpicked by me and are very capable. I have a lot of fun being CEO. I especially enjoy corporate takeovers. It reminds me of my longship days.

As king, I am also the leader of the Arnhem Knights of New York. If it wasn’t for my son, David, and his electrifying wife, Laura, I would never have met my beloved Evelyn. Laura and Evelyn are Telkhines. They are descended from an ancient race of storm-caller. Laura is particularly gifted at manifesting lightning. When Evelyn and I were having a rough spot in our growing relationship, Laura threatened to disintegrate me if I hurt her sister. She used to powers to come to my aid more than once.

All in all, corporate takeovers are easier.

Sure sound like it. My husband, Stefan, The Master Vampire of New England quite enjoys takeovers, too. He took over all of New England one state at a time. Not that I’m boasting, but let’s face it you men did not get to where you are alone. I was part of Stefan’s success, just as I presume there’s some woman in your life.

I have a lifemate now. We’ve been married since June 4, 2013. Right after the book came out, we married and traveled around the world for our honeymoon.

A newlywed! Congratulations. I’ve been married since 1831. Marriage is a lovely thing. Usually, though on occasion the whole I-am-the-master or in your case- king, bit gets old. So, don’t pull that card too often. That’s just a bit of advice I thought I’d share seeing as I’m much more experienced at this marriage thing than you. I’ve always got room in my club and my heart for a new friend.

Evelyn would appreciate that. She’s very sweet and unassuming when it comes to her powers. For a long time, they didn’t manifest and she thought herself powerless. Courting Evelyn was very difficult, as she had come out of an abusive marriage. She didn’t trust men, but I wouldn’t give up. When she said I was warm to touch, I knew she was my true lifemate.

That’s very romantic. I love a happy ending. In spite of what several people…vampires…wolves might think

Let’s move on. What do you do for fun?

I enjoy watching the Northern Lights, fighting off rogue vampires to keep New York’s humans safe from death by vampire, taking long leisurely champagne baths with a passionate woman, and ripping off lingerie with my teeth.

Okay, well I can see how you’d like all those things. They seem quite intriguing. I’m thinking your wife probably doesn’t want you to share too much more than you already have so let’s move onto something less…personal.

What’s your favorite movie?

Sound of Music. It’s a triumph of good vs. evil.

Yes! I love it! The hills are definitely alive with the sound of music. Aaaaaahhhhhh. You know I think I was almost on key that time. Stefan doesn’t ever encourage me to sing, which I love to do. I might have to watch that movie tonight. I haven’t seen it in years.

Okay, what’s your take on white chocolate- an impostor or the real thing?

I confess. Chocolate is one of my sins. I love all kinds, but never the imposters. Chocolate goes so well with passionate women in lace lingerie.

Um, how long have you been away from your wife? I’m thinking you probably shouldn’t travel without her.

Why don’t we move on to another topic? What’s your favorite snack?

Passionate women in lace lingerie.

Well, I like a good human dipped in chocolate myself, but we are posting this interview for my club members so I’m thinking it might be good for you to choose something less…er…more…well, a human food.

Smoked salmon with a champagne bath.

Ah, yes, okay. At least that’s a food some humans would eat. I usually caution vampires against eating fish or vegetables, liver or anything that comes out of can. But I do love that you live on the edge. I like living on the wild side, too. I think you and Stefan and your wife and I could all be pretty good friends.

You should bring your wife next time. She and I would have a great time. I’m a lot of fun.

Thank you, Eva, for inviting us over.image

It’s giveaway time! To one lucky commenter that says, “I love Max” in the comment box, Lily will give an ebook of Vampire King of New York in their choice of Kindle ebook, Nook ebook or secure PDF (cannot be printed out) ebook. The contest will end Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 at noon Eastern time. Open worldwide and void where prohibited by law.

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  1. Hi Leia, Mary, and Shelbie. Thanks so much for stopping by and learning about King Max. He’s quite a vampire!

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